Bible & Survival - Leadership Seminars

Leadership Seminars: From Survival to Success
A workshop that will help you develop personal and organizational leadership skills, and assist you on the way to set and achieve your goals.
Do you wish to get more from your teams? 
Looking to motivate your staff perform better? 
There is a simple model to achieve just that! 
NOW is the time to improve, both personally and professionally! 
Join us for a fascinating and unique experience, and master proven methods that have worked effectively for Billions of users, worldwide. 
Our workshops uniquely combine concepts learned through survival, rescue, 
and military methods, street wisdom, biblical values, and modern models. 
We learn valuable lessons from lions, snakes, King David, Moses and more! 


  • To more effectively use language nuances to improve communication 
  • To master the tools needed to become a successful leader 
  • To use the Law Of Nature to create a balanced and effective environment 
  • To learn unique methods for constructive communication 
  •  To permanently abandon old habits leading to negative interactions 
  • To learn how to overcome fears and barriers that limit our success 
  • To learn to empower yourself and the people around you 

Target Audience: 

  • Business leaders seeking to improve overall company performance 
  •  Managers, from all levels of the organizational hierarchy 
  •  Team leaders seeking enhanced productivity of their teams 
  • HR leaders striving for positive inter-personal communication among staff 
  • Individuals wishing to alleviate stress in the workplace and in personal life 

Throughout the workshop, we utilize: 

» team tasks » personal assignments » observation of others 
» multimedia » biblical examples » nature analogies 
» survival techniques » rescue cases » group discussions 
» exercises to promote trust » sources of ancient wisdom 
» examples and lessons from wild animals 
We have assembled this unique and powerful toolbox to empower YOU to maximize 
personal success in your professional and personal tracks. 
You will learn our "Value and Way” model that will guide you for years to come. 
Among the subjects discussed we shall learn: 
  • How to develop self-esteem; walk and act as courtly as a lion 
  • Ways to gain and maintain a positive attitude 
  • Tools to deal with fears and barriers; cope with the snakes around you 
  • Inter-personal skills inspired by The Ten Commandments 
  • How to create personal and organizational vision; follow the North Star 
  • Effective ways to deal with crisis and conflicts 
  • How to lead and act under pressure and through uncertainty 
  • The power of words and thoughts to create success 
  • Many more subjects to fit your organization, challenges, and goals 

"The Best is in the Way" Model is available in three forms: 

  1. Introduction 
    A lecture of 1.5-3 hours in your auditorium or conference room. We will tailor the content to meet your unique needs and ultimate goals. 
  2. workshop - Half/Full Day (Outdoors, if possible) Delivered in smaller groups for maximum results. A unique experience that brings the most (and the best) out of participants (highly recommended). 
  3. Multi-Day seminar 
    1-5 days, possibly outdoors, in nature, where participants get to experience all of the workshop content for the most effective and longest lasting results. Many elements are brought together for an in-depth experience with attention to personal development and achievements
Developer and Lead Instructor: Mr. Ophir Akiva, owner of "Duna" Company. 
Ophir is a true Son of the Desert; an outdoorsman and avid traveler. He is a qualified survival guide and instructor. Ophir, who carries a B.Sc Degree in Business Management and Tourism, is a certified Personal Coach; a lecturer and instructor of field workshops. 
In his role as a Major (Reserve) with the Israeli Defense Force (IDF), Ophir commands a large Search and Rescue Unit. 
Following his experiences in war-zones, Far-East, the Sahara Desert, TV/Radio shows, extensive public speaking, and numerous lectures/workshops, Ophir has dedicated his life to bringing peace within 
people and communities.